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SOFA Dreaming

It’s the start of the second full day of SOFA Chicago. The opening was grand. Friday had equal energy.

But no one’s energy matched Dan’s. He must have buzzed up the Rogers staircase at least a half dozen times. Despite encouragement from a group of passing teens, he never jumped.


The architectural ideas got a lot of chatter. Sales were satisfying.


Jess Loughlin’s “Collecting Air” is going to a discerning home in upstate New York. The much-admired cast glass bench has been adopted by a couple in Chicago. (A second Loughlin panel from this series is headed to the art-stuffed home of a Palm Springs couple who know a masterpiece even when they only see it in a photo)

Sales schmales…midway through the day I noticed how brilliant my Mac case looked against the steely glimmer of the REM barstools and the Loughlin desk.


Lost in reverie for the rest of the day, I only barely revived late in the evening when I discovered myself in a penthouse high atop the Chicago skyline, looking down on Navy Pier. (It was a “posh do” organized for a group of visiting British makers, that gave me a glimpse of glam. It was painful not to snap pics of the host’s fancy interiors, but I can be discreet….painful as it is)

Now barely awake at the start of Day 2.5, I can only say it was “out there somewhere…”. Or was it?


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  1. amye gumbinner says:

    Wishing we were there. Thank you for bringing it to us! Always get excited about seeing your newest finds as well as new work from old favorites. And, I always love your photos!

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