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E-merge, Chapter 2

If I left the impression with my last post that receiving art is only about crates, delivery receipts, photography, data entry, and insurance claims, it was only a small part of the story. At the bottom of every one of these incoming boxes is an opportunity to see the world through an individual artist’s eyes.

Our Registrar rises from the Bed of the Undead to talk about the e-merge 2010 entries he’s seen so far.

As Director – and the person that the gallery crew has to humor with these endless questions – I always enjoy hearing how they respond to the art we show. Because of the broad range of work selected, e-merge is often a banquet of visual tastes.

Fresh from running the MFA gauntlet at Cranbrook, Michael is probably used to being put on the hotseat for his opinions on art. And I couldn’t resist putting his feet to the fire on what he’s seen so far of the e-merge 2010 entries (barely half the entries had physically arrived at the gallery by the start of this week)

“Many of the selected works are tactile and nostalgic ….. intimate.  The works I’ve seen so far evoke fragility, but not in the expected ‘glass is fragile’ way,” he responded.

“It is more of an emotional or psychological fragility.  Labyrinths, out-dated objects, remnants, and physical representations of theoretical geometry, all, to me, manifest a world of confusion, nostalgia, loss, despair and beauty. (with Michael Rogers and Jeff Wallin as jurors, I’m not surprised that this group gives me this feeling)”

Thanks, Michael. And thank you, Cranbrook ;-)

In a nutshell. Each separate e-merge competition / exhibition will inevitably say as much about the aesthetic of the jury and the individual jurors as it does about the separate works selected. This is part of the reason why considering any juried art show simply a list of “The Best” is a pointless approach to a complex composition.

One of the most ubiquitous forms in kiln-glass is the platter or vessel. Like women and Avis, they really do have to “Try Harder”. I’m always thrilled to see one make the cut.

Contributing further to the personality of any show is the installation itself. I asked Michael what he was most looking forward to on his way to the install.

“Installing group shows is really exciting for me” he replied.  “Each artwork has its own story, but when you put one next to another, the story changes a little bit.  The emerging artists that have been selected for this year’s competition bring so many perspectives; it will be interesting to see what type of narrative the exhibition will create. “

And so the story builds. One box at a time, one chapter at a time. I am dying to read it all. In time.

I hope you’ll visit the gallery sometime during the run of e-merge 2010 for a reading of your own.

When: March 23 through June 19, 2010

Where: Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Oregon

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