Monthly Archives: March 2010

It was a shoo-in: a work whose imagery and ideas sit somewhere between industrial and natural, hard-edged and ephemeral, Kate Baker’s diptych intriguingly pairs high-tech and handcraft. It perfectly summarized e-merge 2010 and the jurors were unanimous in their decision.

Kate Baker, Untitled (Melina) 2009

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Caveat: the quotes below are not verbatim, just the imperfect echoes still rattling around my head a day after the jurying of e-merge. There is also no relationship between the images here and the adjacent remarks.

“It’s a Trojan horse… barely notice it, then slowly it grabs you and all these ideas start leaping out…”

“I liked the piece a lot….then I read the statement….it had nothing to do with what I felt in looking at the work….that statement killed the piece for me…”

“How can you not love this? Instantly. It just reaches out and touches something that is common to all of us. You know immediately what the artist is saying. Is that wonderful? Or maybe not?”

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