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E-merge, Chapter 4: Judgment Day

Caveat: the quotes below are not verbatim, just the imperfect echoes still rattling around my head a day after the jurying of e-merge. There is also no relationship between the images here and the adjacent remarks.

“It’s a Trojan horse…..you barely notice it, then slowly it grabs you and all these ideas start leaping out…”

“I liked the piece a lot….then I read the statement….it had nothing to do with what I felt in looking at the work….that statement killed the piece for me…”

“How can you not love this? Instantly. It just reaches out and touches something that is common to all of us. You know immediately what the artist is saying. Is that wonderful? Or maybe not?”

“It’s incredibly engaging on the level of process, but that’s where it stops…to me it feels like a sample of something; it’s missing a conceptual core….but, yeah, even process alone on this level is pretty riveting….”

“Wow, I’d buy this!! Can I?”

Eavesdropping on the e-merge jury as they walked, puzzled, debated and exclaimed their way through this year’s show was one of the high points of my year.  I’m a junkie for smart people talking about smart art. And there is lots of smart stuff in e-merge 2010.

If I write much more about what I overheard, I’ll be permanently banned from attending any future jury days, so I’ll stop here…

…except to say that e-merge 2010 is the best yet. And the three jurors were among the most fascinating to stalk! The six awards decided yesterday recognize some remarkable work in contemporary kilnformed glass. But there are 37 non-awarded works that are showstoppers too.

You can help to decide whether one of those is still recognized. Stop by the show (upstairs at Bullseye Gallery) between now and Saturday night, March 27 to vote on the Popular Prize – express your opinion with your ballot.

(Award winners, including the popular prize, will be announced Saturday.)

Regardless of the voting,  the combined works that make up e-merge 2010 are a testament to the potential of the medium and to the innovative smarts of 42 remarkable new talents.

Thank you, Jeff, Kate and Michael. You made my year.

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  1. All I can say is “Extraodinary”! What an amazing gallery enviroment to show emerge! Presentation is far beyond anything I have seen. I truly love the space that each piece has to breath. How I wish I was there in person to view.

  2. Hope the opening was everything you hoped for. How where some of the comments Lani. Were they as diverse and interesting as the ones you mentioned. Look forward to an update very much. I hope some of the artists will comment too .

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