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COLLECT The Payoff

By 5:00 pm Thursday the painful memory of set-up is fading.  Drawn, bug-like, to Saatchi’s glamorously-lit digs, we arrive for the VIP Preview of COLLECT 2010.

Inside there is just about everything that makes us keep coming back year after year.

Good crowds. The Brits are The Best fair visitors anywhere. Hands down. Good questions. Sharp eyes. Savvy souls.

Thought. Dialogue. Decisions. Decisions.

Just enough minutes of fame to swell young heads. (Joseph’s was the first sale of a good night)

The occasional quiet corner of contemplation.

And across the aisle, I spy the tiny fingertips I’d met at the end of set-up. She’s been uncrated. The little alien holds a golden angel. Portent? Harbinger?  (Insert Twilight Zone theme here)

Lots of time to think about this over the next four days. It’s 9:30 pm. They’re pushing us out of the hall. Time for a late dinner and drinks with friends.

Good night, Stand #G18. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

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