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COLLECT Inside Out

Friday inside the Saatchi Galleries, it’s all business. Sales are stronger than we’ve seen in years.

Without a doubt the most satisfying clients are the ones who return a year later to say they deeply regret the purchase they didn’t make the year before and would like to make up for it immediately!

Dashing between red-dotting, Jamie in a Grand Central moment.

“Meld” by Joseph Harrington (recent finalist in Bullseye’s e-merge 2010 exhibition) had apparently been the first work – in the entire fair – to sell on Opening night. A second Harrington sale follows quickly on its heels.

This Newell wins the If-it-weren’t-already-sold-this-is-the-one-I’d-buy Award:

By mid-afternoon of the second day, the tally is: two Harringtons, two Newalls, three Sarmientos (plus a commission), one Brachlow  and one Surgent. Plus a second Surgent sale pending for a museum.

I need a breather.

Outside I grab a late lunch on a park bench. At Saatchi this year apparently it’s even busy in the boxwoods.

With short respites for reading….

….and the business of monkey business.

Until it’s Inside time again.

4 Responses to COLLECT Inside Out

  1. Marshall says:

    Hi Lani & Crew,

    Way to GO! I like to see my friends have success, and to know that the Brits aren’t afraid to buy quality glass art…even from Americans! Continued success to you all.

  2. Great news from London. We have good news from here in Santa Fe, too – BE Resource Center Santa Fe is opening soon! We missed you at the party for Dan’s army last night.

  3. Lani says:

    Ha ha! Dan’s Army – I like it! I hope that the infirmary was well-stocked with Patron Silver!

  4. Nancy says:

    Good to hear the works are selling congrats to you and the artists!

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