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By the last day of COLLECT we’re running out of time. After years of working at Bullseye Gallery, Jamie announces she’s never seen glass blown (it is possible to take this gotta-be-Bullseye-gotta-be-kilnformed thing too far).

Adam Aronson takes pity and invites us for breakfast and a lesson at his hotshop in West Brompton. Charming neighborhood, good croissant, and Adam proves to be a brilliant teacher.

Just after 10:00 we dash back to COLLECT for seven more hours of blather ‘n ache. The last day of a fair – with its looming night of de-install – has all the appeal of waiting for cataract surgery. I pass some of the time dashing around for a last look at the show.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Bruno Romanelli’s newest work at Adrian Sassoon is yet another breakthrough for one of Britain’s best.

I want to swim in the interior.  Turbulence is the perfect counterpoint to the precision that Bruno can sometimes do too well. I can’t wait to see more of this series.

Tokyo-based Yufuku Gallery shows a mix of ceramics, metalwork, and glass. I’ve seen a lot of nested glass bowls, but “”Fukuru (Soft Bulb) by Shojiguchi Rikie reinvents the genre with sandy eggshell thin walls that evoke frozen flowers with the understated elegance that the Japanese do like no others.

Texture is everywhere this year. Some of my favorite is in wood at Sarah Myerscough Gallery. Martin & Dowling’s surfaces beg me to touch them. I resist.  Dealer sighs relief.

It’s wood again, this time Finnish. Galleria Norsu’s small set of waxed black jewelry boxes by cabinetmaker Tuulia Penttilä.

This time I don’t resist. They’re going home with me.

At five minutes to six we’re starting to shift into packing gear when a well-dressed pair of women sprint into the stand and start buzzing about Joseph Harrington’s “Chideock Falls III”.

As the loudspeakers screech that the fair is closing, our final sale concludes. COLLECT 2010 is going to be a Harrington Sandwich. His were the first and last works of the fair to sell. In fact, it’s been a sell-out show for Joe, recently out of  Royal College  and fresh from e-merge 2010.

Close to a perfect ending for COLLECT 2010.

Now Just GET OUT!

Not so perfect is de-install. We wait an hour and a half for our empties to be returned to our stand.

Jeff busies himself scraping away the traces of our time here.

Karen decides she’ll liberate the way-finding balloons into the skies above Duke of York Square.

Fair security decides she won’t, retrieves them …

…and stabs them to death in the aisle in front of our stand. This fair is chock full of portents.

By 7:30 we have our empty boxes.

At 9:45 pm we are being barked at to finish up and LEAVE.

Jamie & Jeff jam.

By 10:00 pm we’re just so many piles of crates, boxes, aching muscles and memories.

Now, ash allowing, we’ll be in the skies tomorrow.

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