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Out of Place, Part 4

I know, I know. Late again.

My American summer got buried in art fairs, our new Santa Fe resource center and just keeping my head above the flood waters.

I’ve just landed again in the Northern Highlands of Scotland – after an inspiring visit to the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge – and elated to be back in the place where I and 13 artists left our hearts earlier this summer.

I’m talking about Caithness and the project I began to describe in the prior three posts.

So, here, two months later is a quick roster of the thirteen artists who took part in a private residency at North Lands to explore the nature of kiln-glass in the built environment. They came from five countries and five states. Getting to know each of them and watching the evolution of their profoundly individual approaches to the two sites chosen by residency leaders Parrish and Klein was a highlight of my year.

The participating artists were:

FACILITATORS: Steve Klein, California and Richard Parrish, Montana

LOCAL ASSISTANTS: Karlyn Sutherland and Shelagh Swanson, both of Caithness, Scotland


Kathryn Aubrey, USA/Germany

Patrick Blythe, California

Alex Hoare, England.

Sarinda Jones, Utah

Susan Longini, California

Kari Minnick, Maryland

Ruth Moreno de Wasserman, Costa Rica

Laurel Porcari, Louisiana

Liz Rowley, Scotland

Now, at last, back in the place I know as Heaven on Earth. Simply reflecting on the magic that happened here 8 weeks ago. And missing all of you who made that time so amazing.

Jo’s Bus aka The Magical Mystery Tour…half the crew who lit up Caithness for eight days in June.

IF I’m not kidnapped by the light or the new garden or the incoming friends, I’ll try to add a few more bits¬† and bobs about that time. In the meantime, any of you who were part of the magic, you’re welcome to contribute. You know who you are. What’s your best, worst, most emotional, productive, or enjoyable memory of your time in the Highlands?

It misses you ;-)

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  1. Hi Lani, web was down for a few days without me realising! AHH! but fixed now so should link to http://www.alexhoare.co.uk….. will collect some thoughts on the residency to post later… Alex :)

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