Monthly Archives: September 2010

This is it with the silly games. I promise. But I can’t resist just one last round. It’s bound to stump even Sarah and Jenn.

For the final (until I change my mind) $25 Resource Center Gift Card, give us the answer to this two-part question:

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It’s Art Fair season and our first stop this fall is SOFA CHICAGO.

Think about joining the crowds to see some of the best in glass worldwide. (and some other neat stuff too).

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Artist Ellen Abbott just emailed me about a glass project in Houston, Texas recently completed by artists Liz Conces Spencer and Gene Hester.

Metamorphosis was commissioned by Houston Arts Alliance on behalf of Houston Public Library. It consists of two undulating mosaic panels on the exterior of the Patricio Flores Neighborhood Library.

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Since Sarah provided a CORRECT answer to our first Cash Blog question before the deadline, I’m going to keep the game going.

For the next $25 gift card redeemable for Bullseye products through our Call Center, you have until 9am PST Thursday (9/23/10) to answer this five-part question:

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Ew. Monday. And a grey, drizzly one to boot. Time to jump into the Cash Blog for a ride to the corner of Bullseye Blvd & Silly St.

Question number one:

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The difference between a blog and Facebook?

On a blog, no one talks to you. Ask a question? Good luck. On Facebook everyone is so busy yabbering that your questions are drowned out by all the other chatter. But more often than not, people respond. Silly stuff sometimes. But at least you’re heard.

It’s kind of like speaking on stage compared to blathering in the local pub. And with Facebook you don’t really need a prepared speech. Anything seems to fly.

Get AWAY from me with that stupid camera – go embarrass some of your human friends!

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