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The Cash Blog

Ew. Monday. And a grey, drizzly one to boot. Time to jump into the Cash Blog for a ride to the corner of Bullseye Blvd & Silly St.

Question number one:

For a $25 Bullseye Gift card (OK, it’s the closest I can come to cash) redeemable through our call center,  tell me what these eight artists have in common:

Steve Royston Brown:

Judy Cooke:

Maurizio Donzelli:

Jun Kaneko:

Martha Pfanschmidt:

Tom Prochaska:

Joanne Teasdale:

Mark Zirpel:

(Only rule: featured artists and Bullseye employees are not eligible to compete.)

You’ve got 36 hours to give me an answer, that’s 10:30pm PST (as you’ve probably noticed, this blog is SLOW).

The first correct answer wins.


21 Responses to The Cash Blog

  1. Karlyn says:

    ……all speakers at next year’s BECon?

  2. Lani says:

    No, but you’re getting close.

  3. Jerry Jensen says:

    All of these artists have done residencys at Bullseye.

  4. Lani says:

    Nope. And sorry, Jerry, Karlyn was closer…

  5. Jerry Jensen says:

    Can we try another stab? These are all artists that come from other media and explore the interface of Kiln glass anf other media.

  6. Lani says:

    Not the answer I’m looking for. But you get points for persistence ;-)

  7. Sarah A. Nelson says:

    All have already given a Bullseye hosted lecture/discuss panel event/talk about their work.

  8. Lani says:

    Close but not quite, Sarah! Most have, but not all.

  9. All these artists are Bullseye Gallery artists

  10. Lani says:

    Well, since the hyperlink at each artist’s name leads to his/her page on the Bullseye Gallery website, that would be too easy, Cathryn!
    I’m looking for something a little more specific.
    (But nice to see you here!)

  11. Oh well, its late here and its been a long day setting up the Essence Exhibition.

  12. Jerry Jensen says:

    Try, try again. All of these artists will be in a show for CrossOver: a Material Exchange or a survey of current international work.

  13. They will either be speaking at BECon or running a Masterclass before or afterwards?

  14. This is fun!

  15. They’re all artists who started out in other media and turned to glass, I think.

  16. Lani says:

    Cynthia, you’re very close, but not really closer than Jerry (#5).

    Joanne, you’re easy to amuse! ;-)

  17. Lani says:

    Jackie: I love all the buzz around BECon, but that’s not the answer.
    PS. Speaking of BECon, I’m still laughing about your (& Marshall’s presentation at BECon 2009!)

  18. Sarah A. Nelson says:

    They were all painters or printmakers and currently use imagery in their glass works to evoke a message regarding social topics relating to emotions.

  19. Lani says:

    Sarah is CORRECT!!!!

    At least the first part of her answer:

    All are either painters or printmakers who now use glass.

    (I’m not going to disqualify your answer for the part about their messages. I’d disagree, but what’s art for if not to argue over?)

    Sarah, I’ll let the Call Center know you’re a Winner (I already knew that ;-) )

  20. Sarah A. Nelson says:

    YEAH … THANKS Lani… I know I was reaching there at the end and was close to “I got nothing” my next guess was “They all have a studio dog named Skippy” :)

  21. jenn houser says:

    I want a studio dog.

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