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The Cash Blog Continues

Since Sarah provided a CORRECT answer to our first Cash Blog question before the deadline, I’m going to keep the game going.

For the next $25 gift card redeemable for Bullseye products through our Call Center, you have until 9am PST Thursday (9/23/10) to answer this five-part question:

The following projects were designed by artists whose primary medium is not glass and were fabricated at the Bullseye factory studios with assistance from Bullseye technicians. Name the artist/designer of each of the projects shown below.

Project No. 1:

Hint: Look back at the last Cash Blog post.


Project No. 2:

Hint: The painter/designer of this project was a participant in Bullseye Gallery’s Found in Translation exhibition.


Project No. 3:

Hint: The sculptor who designed this work for a luxury hotel in Portland, Oregon shows at PDX Gallery.


Project No. 4:

Hint: This painter/printmaker was an E-MERGE finalist in 2006


Project No. 5:

Hint: How much more do you NEED? She’s standing in front of the project.

Again, featured artist/designers and Bullseye employees are not eligible to compete.


5 Responses to The Cash Blog Continues

  1. jenn houser says:

    #1 Jun Kaneko
    #2 Martha Pfanschmidt
    #3 Ellen George
    #4 Alex Hirsch
    #5 Mindy Weisel


  2. 1. Jun Kaneko
    2. Martha Pfanschmidt
    3. Maurizio Donzelli
    4. Alex Hirsch
    5. Judy Cooke

  3. Lani says:

    Well, I asked for someone to stop me and Jenn just did it.

    CORRECT 5 for 5.

    I’m amazed…I was sure this game was going to last at least until Thursday.

    (Cynthia, you did as well as I expected ANYONE would be able to do.)

    OK, now what?

  4. I do hope you keep this going Lani. I’m sorry I haven’t been reading the blog lately, I love it and plan on getting back to following it all the time.

    Congrats to Sarah and Jenn!

  5. I’m a little late to the party! That’s Mindy alright! I will see her tomorrow at my studio. Great stuff all around.


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