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Coloring Books

Artist Ellen Abbott just emailed me about a glass project in Houston, Texas recently completed by artists Liz Conces Spencer and Gene Hester.

Metamorphosis was commissioned by Houston Arts Alliance on behalf of Houston Public Library. It consists of two undulating mosaic panels on the exterior of the Patricio Flores Neighborhood Library.

According to the article in the Houston Examiner “…The brilliant shades of fused glass mounted onto curved metal substrates reflect the culture of the Second Ward and its citizens through the use of traditional imagery, such as serapes and flowers, combined with musical notes and books whose spines highlight the notions of the voice of the people, new ideas, community, attainment of knowledge and personal power.” Read more here.

Being a fan of underbellies, I am also hugely taken with the panels’ substrates.

To see pics of the fabrication and installation, go here.

Gene and Liz, Congratulations for bringing such great color and energy to reading!

Ellen, thanks for the heads up!

6 Responses to Coloring Books

  1. Hey Lani, on behalf of Gene and Liz, thank you for publicizing their beautiful commission.

  2. Lani says:

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing what YOU and Gene do!

  3. everseeker says:

    How on earth did they manage to get that water tight?

  4. Lani says:

    By “water tight” are you referring to the seal between the glass and the substrate or between the interior and exterior of the building? (Not that I have the answer to either, but I could try to find out)

  5. Lani, thanks for the great PR. This is 100% Bullseye glass. The letters were water jet cut. We used a 2 part Loctite epoxy to adhere glass to stainless steel substrate and another Loctite product to “grout” between the individual fused glass pieces for the water tight seal.

  6. Lani says:

    Thanks, Gene!

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