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Chicago! Chicago!

It’s Art Fair season and our first stop this fall is SOFA CHICAGO.

Think about joining the crowds to see some of the best in glass worldwide. (and some other neat stuff too).

This year the Bullseye Gallery‘s roster is bigger than ever, featuring artists:

Karen Akester, Great Britain

Kate Baker, Australia

Joseph Harrington, Great Britain

Steve Klein, USA

Klaus Moje, Australia

Catharine Newell, USA

Richard Parrish, USA

Bruno Romanelli, Great Britain

Nathan Sandberg, USA

We’re thrilled to be Up Front in the very first booth you’ll encounter on entering the exhibition hall at Navy Pier this November. That’s booth #100 – can’t miss it!

We’re equally thrilled that six of the nine artists we’re showing will be debuting  with us at SOFA. These include our most recent e-merge winner, Kate Baker and e-merge finalist Joseph Harrington.

Showing some of the Best of the Newest alongside an acknowledged master like Moje is our way of underscoring the depth of tradition and the energy of the future that is kilnformed glass.

This year’s SOFA Chicago runs November 1 – 5 at Navy Pier. Come see us.

3 Responses to Chicago! Chicago!

  1. Wow, I’m so excited for my friend, Karen that you have her work at this amazing show!
    Have a great one!

  2. Lani says:

    This is our second fair with Karen’s work this year. We loved the visitor response to her “kids” at COLLECT.

  3. Toni says:

    So excited to see Nathan there in your list, Lani. Nathan was a TA at a class I took at the rescource center. He has to be thrilled, especially considering whose work his will be displayed alongside.

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