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Valerie & the Home Invaders

I’m a glutton for studio visits, especially home studios. An artist surrounded by raw materials, works in progress, finished pieces, ideas in the process of transformation – I’d rather this than the pristine organization of gallery or store any day!

Not that Valerie Adams isn’t organized. Her garage studio last weekend was perfectly arranged to welcome the hundreds of visitors coming through on Sonoma County’s 25th annual ARTrails .

Dan and I also happened to be in the Bay Area last weekend and took the opportunity to drive the hour north to Santa Rosa to see for ourselves.

Last month Valerie had  taken part in a Pilchuck/Bullseye kilnforming residency led by Steve Klein and Richard Parrish. Looking at the various residents’ tests and samples via their Facebook page had only made me more curious .

Bingo. Lying on her home/studio worktable was a multi-layered fused block of text and imagery that I’d barely glimpsed in an FB pic (thanks to whichever resident snagged the photo – and sorry for not crediting the photographer before I cropped everyone else and part of Bob’s head out of the shot!).

We weren’t alone in our enjoyment of Valerie’s explanation of her ideas and her process. She’s a joy to listen to and a great model – if you’ve ever thought of opening your home studio to mobs of “arts tourists”, you could learn a lot from Valerie. She did it brilliantly.

And if you’re anywhere near Sonoma County this weekend, you might check it out. She’s Studio #96 on the route – and  the Philodendron is still my fave!

3 Responses to Valerie & the Home Invaders

  1. Nina Falk says:

    Valerie is a class act. Always full of life, her work is well-executed and somehow manages to reflect her personality, even when she depicts a simple row of birds. Love her color choices too.
    A really, really good eye.

  2. Lani says:

    Why didn’t I say that?

  3. Kim Brill says:

    Valerie is indeed a class act. I want to be Valerie when I grow up. She’s vivacious, articulate, AND does wonderful, thoughtful, beautifully designed work. (Is that enough adjectives?)

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