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I like Cynthia Morgan a lot. Not the least of reasons is that she frequently does what I think I need to be doing before I do it. So it was today.

Last Friday afternoon Dan and I had dashed up to Seattle for the annual Pilchuck auction. It was everything it always is: brilliant, energetic, a snapshot of the glass art scene caught in a much too fast moment one Fall evening each year.

This morning – as I was getting ready to plan to think about blogging about the event – my In-box informed me that Cynthia already had. Bless you, dear! I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective.

My own perspective was more Groundhog Day.  Like the other 20+ Pilchuck auctions we’ve attended over the last 20+ years, we arrived vowing not to spend money we don’t have. And like every past year, we justified bidding on works made by Bullseye users that we think are pushing the kiln-glass envelope.

Of the envelopes that are tough to push in glass, jewelry is at the top IMO. So I wasn’t surprised to find myself warring with a major collector over an eye-catching necklace of fused and slumped orbs by Dolores Barrett.

I won. Sort of.

After I’d feverishly scribbled my number into the Guaranteed Bid box (aka “Game’s Over, Suckers!”), Mrs Savvy Collector turned to Dolores (whom I was chatting up next to her work), pointed to the even more spectacular necklace that the artist was wearing and asked “How much?”

Mrs Collector went home with a reasonably priced treasure (three Pixel Orbs). And I paid 50% above retail. But it was for a Good Cause. I’ll be frugal next year. I swear.

And I hope that Cynthia is there again next year, so I don’t have to write about who wore what and which works went for how much (which I couldn’t do anyway – at least not with the wit and style of Ms M).

EXCEPT that when you look at the lead photos we both posted, it’s pretty clear what we REALLY focused on.

Only C managed to get to the dessert course before whipping out her iPhone camera. I, on the other hand, was already feverishly snapping away at the sorbet palate cleanser before the main course.

Cynthia, love you – hate your self-control.

PS. Just to dispel the rumor that we were seated strategically next to the exit, I offer this shot of My Seat – momentarily empty between Diana & Steve Klein (left) and Patrick Blythe and Dan to the right. Moi? Exit early? Never before the chocolate!

4 Responses to Pilchucked

  1. You got the necklace? I’ve been in love with Dolores’ work for years, missed it in the silent auction and was both very sad and kinda glad.

    Tnx for the mention…except it was a regular Nikon pocket camera (the iPhone now belongs to a colleague at work who lost his iPhone on a golf course), and I started snapping it on the way up the escalator. That was just the first photo of the food that didn’t look awful. ;-)

    And yep, I think you were still sitting there when Becky and I headed for the door.

    And wow–Mr. Blythe occasionally comments on my blog. If I’d known you were sitting next to him I’d have said hi…

  2. Lani says:

    C, there’s always Next Year to undo the “very sad”s….

  3. We would love to see a picture with you wearing these exquisite Orbs Lani. I love the story tooo very much. Maybe Dolores could post a picture of “THE OTHER” necklace. Mind you! every piece Dolores does is beautiful and unique.
    AND yes, thankyou Cynthia as usual.

  4. P.S. Lani, check out the Green section ! number 2014. Oh how lovely they would have been to place with your orbs. MAGIC toooo!

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