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Watching paint dry.

Even worse. Watching someone painting a booth two aisles away via a photo posted on the gallery’s Facebook page. How distant can we make being this close?

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Once upon a time 140 innocents – the number fluctuates with a revolving series of escapes and abductions – were kidnapped and held hostage in the fiery dungeon of a phantasmagorical glass factory on the outskirts of the town of Portland, Oregon on the West Coast of the United States.

Once a year, every year, the cleverest of the captives break free of their 9-5 shackles and in an exercise unparalleled in the history of shape-shifting, turn from furnace builders, melters, quality control technicians, programmers, salespeople and other slaves to the 40-hour week, into Artists.

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Six days since leaving our shrink-wrapped pallets behind at SOFA Chicago

Fourteen days before arriving at Art Miami

I’m still digesting the lessons learned on Navy Pier. When it’s gelled into something more coherent than I’m capable of today, I’ll put a post together.

In the meantime, the latest news: our SOFA return shipment arrived at the gallery in Portland on Friday. By end-of-day Saturday the tireless gallery team had packed, wrapped, and strapped the Miami pallets that are now waiting for a Monday pick-up.

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As we’re waiting around for our break-down materials at SOFA last night, the dealer across the aisle calls my attention to a bit of international hanky-panky brewing behind the scenes.

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As much as we all relish the visuals at SOFA Chicago, it’s often the words that linger.

The last three days have been a banquet of conversations.

I’d like to name names and share insights that were so generously shared with me, but time is not on my side here.

It’s back to the pier for the Last Day and Take Down.

Ta Da!


PS. And for those who just want to know “What sold on Saturday??!!” – an Akester, another Newell and a Parrish. ;-)

Saturday. Day 2.5 of SOFA. Brain dead. No time. Hoarse.

Here’s 16 quick pics to do the talking. Roughly split into five categories…..

#1. What it looks like when they open the doors to preview night, you’re the first booth in the hall and the earth is moving under your feet.

That’s pretty much all I see on Opening Night. The rest is equally blurred. Sorry.

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Thursday  before SOFA Chicago opens I’ve got a couple of  hours of free time. No brainer: a trip to the Art Institute.

A quick check of the museum’s website tells me that, in addition to the just-opened exhibition of Chagall’s recently re-installed America Windows, there’s a symposium on stained glass scheduled for the 4th.

Bingo. It’s the 4th!

Except that once I arrive I discover – right day, wrong month. Oh well…

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The Sculpture Objects & Functional Art fair organized by the Art Fair Company each year on Chicago’s Navy Pier is more than just another market of beautifully crafted objects designed and executed by some of the world’s best makers.

SOFA is also a barometer of our field. Aesthetic direction, media percentages, gallery appearances (and disappearances), size of booth, placement in hall, artists on show – SOFA is a virtual snapshot of where we are and, more importantly, where we’re going.

Going places: e-merge 2010 winner Kate Baker is our choice for front row viewing at the entrance to this year’s SOFA.

Granted, it’s not yet even Opening Night. Many dealers are still knee-deep in installation. But since our own booth is finally “done and dusted”, I had a few minutes yesterday to walk the aisles and take a few notes. Shared herewith….

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