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More Moving Pictures from SOFA

Saturday. Day 2.5 of SOFA. Brain dead. No time. Hoarse.

Here’s 16 quick pics to do the talking. Roughly split into five categories…..

#1. What it looks like when they open the doors to preview night, you’re the first booth in the hall and the earth is moving under your feet.

That’s pretty much all I see on Opening Night. The rest is equally blurred. Sorry.

#2. Life imitating art series:

Adam Aronson being Klaus Moje….

Little girl (named “Alaska!”) being Karen Akester…..

Maybe I’ll rename this one “Alaska Akester”….

Slightly older girls being Art Furniture….

#3. A few favorite random views of the Bullseye booth:

By the end of the evening Friday most of the visitors head out to the openings in Chicago’s gallery district and we’re left slumped behind our tiny counter, hypnotized by the hunky glow of Mr Romanelli and the quiet majesty of Mr Parrish.

#4. Stuff I’d buy that isn’t in our booth…

Ruth Oliphant’s works at Kirra are so right for this city…or anywhere else for that matter!…

Jamie and I spend waaaaay too much time ooo’ing over Lisa Cahill’s wall set at David Richard Contemporary. Or maybe not enough time?….

#5. OK, OK… The obligatory answer to Whadja sell, whadja sell????

First piece to go on Opening night is Kate Baker’s e-merge prizewinner:

Followed quickly by one of her new free-standing works:

Winning the award for Worst Lighting Job I’ve Ever Done doesn’t stop another of Kate’s pieces from going to a prominent foundation in Germany.

Our own Nathan Sandberg is doing a sale a day so far….

Catharine’s work, as always, attracts crowds…..and, as always, sells….

…and sells….

Oooops….maybe this piece was supposed to go into the Life Imitating Art Category….

Yikes. I feel the earth moving under my feet….or maybe just the caffeine.  Gotta get back over to Navy Pier.

And THANKS to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat. Lots of incredible conversations. I appreciate them all and look forward to more…..if my voice holds out.

4 Responses to More Moving Pictures from SOFA

  1. Wow! MIssing it and you!

  2. Jerry Jensen says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post and update your fans.

  3. Hi Lani, I’ve really enjoyed these SOFA blogs-just so well done (like everything you do). Love the life imitating art pics, and getting a glimpse inside the show. Congrats to you and all your artists!

  4. Lisa Cahill says:

    Lani, your blog was the only way to get a sense of what SOFA was like before I finally actually got to be here…what an amazing experience it is to see it from the set up, opening night, long days and then finally the pulldown…I’m on the way home now and already dreaming of next years SOFA! I think you get the award for the quickest set up and pulldown and of course extra points for being able to blog along the way.

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