Monthly Archives: February 2011

Last summer at North Lands Creative Glass I had the good fortune to be in the Scottish Highlands while artists Steve Klein (left) and Richard Parrish (right) were leading a group residency there.

I blogged about the experience – only barely skimming the surface – here, here, here, and here.

I wasn’t able to visit their Pilchuck residencies that are the focus of the upcoming Museum of Northwest Art show and about which I’ve been blogging over the last eight weeks, but I came away from the Scottish experience with some pretty strong convictions as to what makes for a potentially life-changing residency.

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In my last six posts I’ve tried to communicate something of my enthusiasm for the upcoming show at the Museum of Northwest Art by looking at a few of the artists-in-residence who took part in the project.

Here, thanks to our Communications Designer Nicole, is so much more than I could ever say.

Thanks is owed to all the residents whose generously shared photos captured the individual moments and spirit of the time and place.

Finally, “thanks” is likely too small a word to offer to the residency leaders Steve Klein and Richard Parrish whose abilities in the Fine Art of Community-Building has made the project truly worthy of a museum show.

But more on Klein and Parrish when I resume my blather in the next post…