Monthly Archives: March 2011

I may get arrested for my habit someday, but until I do, it is going to remain my most guilty pleasure.

I do it – discreetly, of course – in public places: at commercial galleries, at fairs, in collectors’ homes, in front of public installations. Museums are my favorite places to indulge.

Unsuspecting visitors at art fair

I sidle up to couples or small groups of strangers; I’ll pretend to be preoccupied with my iPhone or reading a brochure, occasionally miscalculating my steps and clumsily brushing an arm or bumping a rump. No matter. I’m shameless in pursuit of the loot: I want their words.

People talking to other people, privately, candidly, honestly about their reactions to art is, to me, irresistible lucre.

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A post by a Facebook friend just reminded me that a remarkable museum show is closing today. If you live in New Mexico, you still have a few hours to see it. I encourage you to do so. It’s called Case Studies from the Bureau of Contemporary Art.

Silvia Levenson, Something Wrong, 2005. Kiln-cast with pressed glass. Museum purchase with funds from the Doris and Arnold Roland Endowment Fund for the New Mexico Museum of Art, 2009.

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