Monthly Archives: April 2011

Yesterday brought the most glorious spring day to Portland – and with it Amanda Simmons.

Last October I posted the news that Amanda had won the prestigious Gold Award at Origin 2010 in London and that she would be visiting New York in the Spring. I also suggested that she make the short trek west to visit us in Portland at the same time – preying upon the common Eurolusion that cities in America, like those in the Old World, are all within a quick train trek ;-) .

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Teaching is risky business. Standing too long at the head of the class can stunt one’s growth. Hence the long-established practice within universities of sabbaticals. Getting out of the trenches to investigate the new and unknown is essential for all of us, but for teachers, even more so.

Two of the participants in Pilchuck’s 2009 Professional Artists-in-Residence program and also in the current Act 2 show at MoNA are not only teachers within our field , but also kiln-glass resource center owners. And if you think that running a teaching studio is a walk in the Art Park you might want to meet Judith Conway and Paul Tarlow.

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Act 2: The Next Track continues its run at the Museum of Northwest Art until June 12, 2011.

Els VandenEnde’s bowls and single cairn at MoNA, March 12, 2011. Photo: S. Immerman

In Dutch the word for cairn is “Steenman” or “stone man”.  I suspect that Els VandenEnde, born in the Netherlands, would have known this.  Finding one of these jaunty little Michelin-like Men along a trail or at the summit of a hill is a signal, a marker of someone who has gone before.

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