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A Sunny Import

Yesterday brought the most glorious spring day to Portland – and with it Amanda Simmons.

Last October I posted the news that Amanda had won the prestigious Gold Award at Origin 2010 in London and that she would be visiting New York in the Spring. I also suggested that she make the short trek west to visit us in Portland at the same time – preying upon the common Eurolusion that cities in America, like those in the Old World, are all within a quick train trek ;-) .

Oh my. Like a goldfinch at a garden feeder, Amanda suddenly appeared yesterday. What a joy.  She’s everything I’d loved about her blog and mentions of life in a small Scottish village, otters, blue tits, beardies…

… and glass inspired by the colors of garden visitors and harvested by patient, committed, talented and delightful artists who occasionally make the most astounding long distance flights to foreign places and bring with them boundless and much needed sunshine.

(Amanda, thieving rook that I am, I’ve pinched some images* from your wonderful blog. I’m counting on your posting all about your showing with craftscotland at COLLECT next month.)

Cheers, Lani

* The top image in this post was shot by Colin Tennant. Among the many things that Amanda does wonderfully in her work, using a fantastic professional photographer is not the least.

10 Responses to A Sunny Import

  1. Let the sun shine in!!!! Treat it with a grin! Was that not a song. I can hear the lovely little chickadees singing this thankyou song to Amanda. Beautiful work.

  2. Doug says:

    Its refreshing to see another artist successfully explore the drop form process. There is so much possibility within these forms and Amanda has done it beautifully. Bravo!

  3. kkaubrey says:

    This gets me even more psyched for my course with her in June at Creative Glass in Austria.

  4. Beautiful work!

  5. Lani says:

    Yes, the work is truly a breath of Spring….

    Kathryn, I’m thrilled you’re taking the class at Creative!

  6. Lani, these pieces are wonderful. Amanda Simmons is now saved in my favorites! I enjoyed the blog post and I look forward to future posts. Best,

  7. amanda says:

    Dear Lani…lovely to meet you all at Bullseye and thank you ever so much for your hospitality. I loved seeing around the factory and still in shock that each sheet is made by hand one by one…amazing, I’ll never look at my glass again without thinking of my trip. Many thanks for the blog post….I love Colins photos, I commission him as he comes from a fine artist background not product photography. Our next project involves running around Glasgow with lights and glass.
    I hope you manage to entice the wee birds on your next hop over here and that we meet again up at Northlands soon…..off to get that COLLECT work finished in my slightly hazy jet lag (the sun seems to have followed me home and it’s glourious here in D&G, definitely worth a visit one day).
    Amanda x

  8. Lani says:

    Amanda, I’m THRILLED to know you are back and busy in D&G! I want to know more about Colin and the light & glass project! Soon!

  9. Kirstan says:

    I immediately thought “Wow! These vessels remind me of my birdfeeder friends” then read the actual post to see that was just exactly the inspiration! It’s true talent to capture the essence of the natural world and distil it into the abstract while maintaining it’s soul. Also, thank you for linking the photographer! I think glass is about the hardest thing to light and photograph. Bullseye is lucky to have such great people shooting their artists work, but it’s nice to learn about others out there too!

  10. We are so pleased that Amanda has agreed to teach here at Warm Glass UK next year! Amanda, Jaqueline Cooley, Bob Leatherbarrow, Alison Lowry and Mikyoung Jung are all agreed for our 2012 programme – what a lineup!

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