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Looking at glass through other media makes an already ephemeral material more so. A glimpse of a shadow. Hints of Plato. Walk-in cooler.

A “Baby Fox”. Or glass meating Silvia Levenson’s odd little girl.

We think a lot about light and shadow when we think about glass. When we think about stuffed velvet? Not so much. Maybe we should. Elizabeth Aro, “La più bella del reame”

Caithness slate, cut by light – what little there is of it in the northernmost county of Britain – as cold and hard as graphite on paper. Karlyn Sutherland mixes materials in ways as direct as her ancestral stones.

Once struck by lightning in the high deserts of northern New Mexico, charred Ponderosa pine Rohrschached into glass in Southeast Portland. Munson Hunt.

BECon 2011, Bullseye’s biennial conference on kilnglass – and this year’s concomitant exhibit at the Bullseye Gallery – is mixing it up in Portland, Oregon. NOW.

More about the exhibition here.

And the conference here.


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  1. Thanks for the pic’s.Having just moved and building a new studio, and new direction, I’m very aware of a sense of place and materials.This is so well articulated in the exhibit.

  2. Although I am only there in spirit for the CrossOver show, I truly am excited for the artists and guests who were able to attend the opening of the show “CrossOver” and all the presentations. I love the use of shadows and the feeling also of a sense of place as Peter had commented. Everyone attending CrossOver will be totally inspired , and I can hardly waite until the ideas flow to their fingertips when they tooo get home and in the creative mood.
    P.S. I was truly sad I did not get to HUG a glass charred tree . (mind you perhaps Lani might make sure that did not happen. ! Wonderful work!

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