Monthly Archives: October 2011

Before we  dedicated actual studio space within the Bullseye factory for artist projects  (over 20 years ago), they had to happen in whatever nook or cranny was free at the time. And “the time” was almost always a weekend or a holiday.

Some of us still remember those late nights between Christmas and New Years spent on the hot shop floor with some creative Eccentric re-purposing a piece of production equipment to make Art.

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I was reminded yesterday that I’d abandoned this blog at the edge of a North Sea cliff almost a month ago. It’s just that what happened next was almost too rich for me to digest.

It’s been now two months since Steve Klein and Richard Parrish led the latest In Place residency at North Lands Creative Glass.

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Kilns in BEGS (Bullseye Employee Kilnforming Studio) and around town in homes and studios are keeping warm in October as Bullseye workers from all departments get their pieces finished for Working Glass 2011. read more