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Coming in November: Working Glass 2011

Kilns in BEGS (Bullseye Employee Kilnforming Studio) and around town in homes and studios are keeping warm in October as Bullseye workers from all departments get their pieces finished for Working Glass 2011. This is the tenth year that Bullseye employees have had this opportunity to show and tell how they are involved with kiln-glass outside of work. Some have a fine arts approach, and some make pieces that are utilitarian. Some works reveal the beauty of glass, and some works retain a gritty, elemental quality reminding us of the minerals from which we make the glass.

The exhibition starts November 7th and continues through December 30, 2011, at Bullseye Resource Center Portland. While you wait, check out these images from Working Glass 2010 and 2009.

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  1. MaryKay says:

    Now the 2011 virtual version of the exhibition is online:

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