Monthly Archives: November 2011

It’s the end of a rich Thanksgiving weekend and among so much other good fortune, I’m feeling blessed for all that Dan and I enjoy in being part of Bullseye. Making a material for art-making has rewards on too many levels to cover in a single post, but today I’d like to spotlight just one: “Working Glass”.

Exuberantly emceed last Saturday night by Marketing's loquacious Chris P. whose inveterate good humor and energy always makes the Working Glass awards ceremony a favorite of our year.

“Working Glass” is an annual competition and exhibition that each Fall drives Bullseye’s casters, melters, warehousemen, sales reps, and even gallery staff into their home studios and factory kilns in pursuit of the fame (relative) and fortune (modest) that awaits the winners. This year the competition was fierce.

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Need a workspace away from home to work on your holiday gifts, or to move forward on your next artistic investigation?
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Our new videos website has been launched and you’ll find discussion links just below the firing schedule at the bottom of each video’s page. Each Bullseye Videos lesson links to a topic in the Forums where members can ask questions and make comments. read more