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“Popping Up” in Toledo in June

If you haven’t yet decided whether to attend this year’s Glass Art Society conference, here are just a few of many – we think – irresistible reasons to go:

Beer caught in the headlights. GAS approaching.

Mr. Toledo

OK, It’s hard to think of GAS or Toledo without thinking of GAS pres Jeremy Lepisto, forever-member of the Bullseye Family, the kid who worked his way up from maintenance to the Presidency (well, not at Bullseye where Dan refuses to abdicate the Presidency of Maintenance).  I’m guessing that Lepisto, the remarkable GAS board and its indefatigable Director Pam Koss are going to deliver one helluva conference this year.

A Great Museum

This year’s conference site, Toledo, OH, is not only considered the birthplace of the US studio glass movement (in 1962), but is home to the Toledo Museum of Art, whose collections of ancient to contemporary glass, working studios and demonstration spaces – all housed in the architectural award-winning Glass Pavilion – make it one of the world’s top destinations for experiencing the art of glass.

A Great Roster of Speakers & Demonstrators

Of course, we at Bullseye are partial.  From our own founder Dan Schwoerer , to fellow “old dudes” Klaus Moje and Richard Marquis, the list of engaging presenters ranges from stellar icons to meteoric young talent.

Apparently Dan’s going to speak on “Bootstrapping, Brainstorming, and Busting Butt (The Early Years of Bullseye). He should just plead the Fifth.

An Unparalleled Chance to Learn about Material and Method

I’ve always harvested a mega-crop of valuable technical information at the vendor booths and in the aisles of the Tech Display. This year Bullseye – in addition to showcasing materials – will spotlight its growing educational program and a few – stay tuned – surprises.

Our checklist for the Toledo Pop-up exhibition isn’t yet finalized, but I guarantee a showing of some of the world’s best kiln-glass.

A Bullseye Pop-Up Gallery

Although not yet publicly announced (I guess it is now ;-) , Bullseye Gallery will have a presence in Toledo from June 11 to 17 with a pop-up gallery located roughly midway between the Museum and the Convention center.  Details on the specific location, the artists showing, and other related events will be announced soon.

That’s it – the teaser. If that isn’t enough to get you bookin’, there’s more. Stay tuned.

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