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If you think it’s hard to start a business in today’s economy, just talk to the three art school graduates who founded Bullseye in 1974.

Dan Schwoerer and Bullseye casters, circa 1975-76, testing a new device designed to distribute gobs of hot glass uniformly across the length of a roller to produce rectangular sheets. Photographer: David Ruth

Dan Schwoerer, Ray Ahlgren, and Boyce Lundstrom almost couldn’t have picked a worse time to set up a factory. The US was in a deep recession. Stagflation was at 11 percent and the prime lending rate was a whopping 21 percent. Now-CEO Schwoerer says, “Times were so tough that being in business for even a year or two was something to celebrate.” And that’s exactly what the founders did in 1975 by designing a shirt for themselves that boasted “Bullseye Hand Cast Glass, since 1974. The joke still gets grins every time Schowerer comes to work wearing his original company T.

—reprinted from an article in Bullseye Glass for Art & Architecture: Catalog 8

Bullseye employees demanded that we replicate this design for 2012, and these are now available in our Online Store and Bullseye Resource Centers. Meanwhile, snapshots of folks rocking their new old T’s keep coming into my mailbox, and it would be a shame not to share them.

Resource Center Portland Sales and Warehouse staff in their new uniforms.

Bullseye Stormtrooper spotted at Helios Studio.

What to wear to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Cologne, Germany. Well done, Harry!

While Michael H. is checking in the the new slumping molds, we're checking out his shirt.

Lani and "Flat Dan" enjoying the Glass Art Society Conference last month in Toledo.

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