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We shape our buildings, then they shape us.

Winston Churchill was speaking about something much grander than a nest, of course. And probably wasn’t thinking about glass at all.

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If my own best small show award at the International Festival of Glass goes to Patricia Niemann for Blood & Bones, the Best Short Encounter Award goes to Joseph Harrington.

I got to spend all of about five minutes with Joe on the sidewalk on the street in front of the Ruskin Center the morning after the opening of the British Glass Biennale. He was clearly flustered and rushing.

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This year’s International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge had a number of stellar exhibitions, but for me the supernova was ironically one of the smallest. I was a goner the minute I stepped into the show.

It’s Blood & Bones, the brainchild of multi-media German-born Edinburgh-trained Caithness-resident (how’s that for Weltanschauung?!) artist Patty Niemann. read more

Yesterday I promised to try to hit just a few of the high points of the two glass conferences I attended in the UK this month. Besides an engaging lecture series, the North Lands conference also encompasses masterclasses that take place at the program’s well-equipped studios.

But beyond good facilities, nothing makes a glass studio soar like a brilliant and dedicated studio manager.  North Lands Creative Glass has one in Michael Bullen – to the max!

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In August, Bullseye released a great new tool for kiln-glass workers: “Reactive Potential of Bullseye Glass,” an easy-to-use reference chart that allows you to quickly determine how various kinds of Bullseye sheet glass may react when fired. The response was enthusiastic, to put it mildly. read more

I’m just home from back-to-back glass conferences at Stourbridge in Britain’s West Midlands and Lybster in Scotland.

If I were to blog on nothing else for the next month, I couldn’t begin to cover the rich territory of kiln-glass that I saw while at the International Festival of Glass and North Lands Creative Glass.

So, in the days ahead, I’ll try to hit just a few of the high spots.

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