Monthly Archives: October 2012

I usually wait early January to start ruminating on my highlights of the year gone by. Seems crazy to be thinking about this in mid-October, but since June my head’s been hopelessly stuck in a kids’ project that we did with Brazee Street Glass at the Toledo School for the Arts last June.  I suspect that by next January, this will still be at the top of my Best of 2012 list.

Brazee’s Emily Repp doesn’t just know glass – she knows kids. When to teach, when to watch, when to feed!

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Here are some pictures from the Steve Klein and Richard Parrish Residency held here at the Bullseye Santa Fe Studio.  It was fun hosting this group of artists from all over the globe.

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Bullseye is proud to announce that five new limited-run Special Production opalescent colors – colors that are rich, yet understated – are now available in our online store. Combine these in new and delightful ways with your current opalescent palette.

Limited-edition Special Production opalescents

Samples shown are fully fused 6 x 8 inch (152 x 203 mm) sheet glass.

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Bullseye’s Bay Area Resource Center recently had it’s first coldworking class, lead by Jeremy Scidmore. Here are a few snaps captured throughout the day.

Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area

Instructor Jeremy Scidmore and his students on the wet belt sander.

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Every day at the Bullseye factory, glass casters turn molten scoops of glass into beautiful, hand-cast sheets. Portland glass artist Morgan Madison used to do that job.

Fused glass plate by M. Madison

A great orange and gray plate made by Morgan Madison.

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So what is a bamboo sandwich and how do you make one? Bear with my silliness, I just don’t know what else to call the tasty weekend we just concluded with a tour of glass enthusiasts who visited us from Northern California.

Calm before the storm. Drinks awaiting guests on our deck above the bamboo on the evening of our first gathering. Glass collection awaiting below. The weekend begins.

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