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Sipping a hotel room Nespresso from bed in New York, nursing a hangover (sadly NOT induced by alcohol, but by a day of ugly air travel), a Google alert (for “Bullseye glass”, what else?) takes me to the website of a designer in North Devon, England.

Just more proof that Little People make the best fusers....

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Stacy Lynn Smith, Intersect, 2011. Kilnformed glass and steel.

Join artist Stacy Lynn Smith when she comes to Santa Fe later this month to demonstrate her powder printing technique. This method involves pressing dry glass powders through a prepared silkscreen to create images in kiln-glass with rich textures and colors that can’t be achieved with traditional printing methods. Smith will also share read more

I’m in Santa Fe again – a place where worlds, ideas, and art seem to collide in a rainbow of magic ways.

Glass is magic, but books on color are a great place to start the journey.

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A perfect present for makers in glass.

The holidays are right around the corner. Surprise your friends and family with a Bullseye gift card. They’re redeemable for anything

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The new two-page article now covers sulfur-bearing glasses.

We’ve expanded our popular Get a Reaction article to include reactions with sulfur-bearing sheet glass, powder, and frit.

See how to create special colors and effects whether you’re combining copper-bearing glasses with silver foil or fusing sulfur- or copper-bearing read more

We’ve developed a new Quick Tip to inspire you:

Quick Tip Inky Blue Brush Strokes

Grab a brush and try it today!

Combining GlasTac and Aventurine Blue powder is the perfect way to make saturated, gestural brush strokes in kilnforming. Think of sumi-e and other East Asian styles of brush painting and calligraphy… read more