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In the Jaws of a Rainbow

I’m in Santa Fe again – a place where worlds, ideas, and art seem to collide in a rainbow of magic ways.

Glass is magic, but books on color are a great place to start the journey.

Yesterday was the second of a four-day project in exploring color through glass with 70 students from grades 3-12 at Bullseye’s Resource Center in Santa Fe. The kids are making tiles for a temporary installation in the New Mexico Museum of Art courtyard on the theme of the rainbow.

Choosing color at the frit and stringer table followed a couple of hours of discussion

As we had with the first day’s third and fourth graders, we spent the second morning in the studio with 20 sixth graders from Eldorado Community School and Brazee Street’s Sandy Gross, talking about glass, art, feelings, and fusing up a colorful storm.

Books on Josef Albers and the Blue Rider group got us thinking about the feelings behind color.

RCSF's Erik had to stretch to stay ahead as color associations tumbled out.

Drawing ideas about feelings. And the occasional baseball.

Kilns loaded with a whirlwind of glass tiles.

Studio work done, we went in the afternoon to the Museum to visit the two glass exhibitions currently on display: Emerge 2012 and Chromatic Fusion.

Reconnecting with works that we’d lived with and loved when Emerge was in Portland was like a homecoming.

Until I realized that as long as I’d looked at some of these works, I’d never seen them quite the way an 11 year-old does.

Victoria Calabro’s cast glass Yellow Frames.

“They’re shark jaws…..”  Tristan explained with some authority. And then went on to deliver a lecture on  shark hunting that could have been its own full-length documentary.

And I’d only seen three yellow frames. Can’t wait for what I’m going to learn today.

6 Responses to In the Jaws of a Rainbow

  1. sarinda says:

    Truly Amazing young people…. I love that Bullseye is working on this level. Thank you.

  2. Kirstan says:

    I agree, watching kids create art is truly inspiring. I can’t get enough of this “Kid-Formed” movement! Hopefully we will see more collaborations like this… perhaps in the Portland area?

  3. Lani says:

    Definitely in the Portland area! Coming soon….

  4. Marjorie says:

    I’m so glad you’re reaching out to these kids. What a memorable experience for them!

  5. lucy says:

    Wonderful to see this! It inspires me to get out the glass! Creative Children’s Center works with children ages 2 to 8, and has found glass work to be wonderful vehicle for story building. We started exploring glass with the children in 2010 when a parent in our program introduced us to her friend Kurumi Conley, a glass artist from Japan who resides in Portland. From creating compositions to building a glass city, working in glass has taken on a life of it’s own at CCC. I currently have group who are talking about light, lanterns, and dream lights. Fuel for creative and critical thinking.

  6. Lani says:

    Now I can’t wait to get back to Portland to visit CCC! Just gotta finish chasing this desert rainbow first! Thanks for sharing what’s going on at your school (and Kurumi’s work is wonderful).

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