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Little Tanja and Big Al

Last year we invited Tanja Pak, Slovenia’s Designer of the Year, to “fuse aesthetics to practicality” in a factory residency that would provide the content for her discussion with Bullseye’s lead fabricator Tom Jacobs on The Poetry of Production at this summer’s BECon conference.

Brian, Trevor, Ted, Tom, and Tanja: Day One

Pak’s five weeks in the studios yielded an Odyssey of ideas, forms, and iterations on a line of fluid tableware that plays on her evocative ideas about light, shadow, and the interplay between the blown and the kilnformed in contemporary design.

It also yielded a 900 pound kilncast glass table – well, we need a place to put the dishes the petite designer suggested to Bullseye’s ever-eager-to-please team of technicians.

This morning – thanks to another team, Big Al’s Specialty Movers – Tanja’s 900 lbs of table made the move from studio to gallery. The slab is a marvel.

"You guys just drop it onto the base. We'll watch from here to make sure it's level."

And the guys who moved it so delicately across town were some of the best “performance art” Bullseye Gallery has ever hosted.

Big Al and the Super-Samoans

If you haven’t signed up for BECon yet, think about it. (Pre-registration deadline is just a week away.)

And if you need to move 900 lbs of glass, call Big Al.

- Lani

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