Monthly Archives: July 2013

Light on fire, indeed. Racks of glass in the Bullseye warehouse. (Photo by Lois Manno.)

I had a notion of what to expect from BECon 2013, because I’d been to other professional conferences. I expected a room full of vendors (check), a plethora of high-quality presentations by professionals in their fields (check), a party or two, hobnobbing, networking, etc. (double check). The opening reception at the Bullseye Gallery in downtown Portland was stunning, and the Lehr-B-Que dinner held at the factory was crazy fun. What I didn’t expect was the way BECon would cause me to think differently about the world of color—and my place in it. read more

Burning Monk #3 Kilnformed glass, 2002 by Narcissus Quagliata, 35" x 19" x .5"

“The world is color, nature is color, culture and art are color, as well as the psyche.” That’s some pretty heady stuff, when you think about it. But Narcissus Quagliata is not one to shy away from monumental ideas or projects. I was introduced to his work during BECon 2013: Chroma-Culture, an experience which broadened my appreciation of glass, art, and color in more ways than I can count (more on BECon in my next post).

Narcissus Quagliata was born in Rome in 1942, where he studied painting with Giorgio De Chirico. At 19, he moved to the United States and received both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Painting & Graphics from the San Francisco Art Institute. Soon after graduation, he began working in glass and continues to use it as his principle form of artistic expression. read more