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Visitors from Japan

Folks come from far and wide to take classes in Bullseye’s Research & Education studios in Portland, and this week was no exception.

A group of 10 students from Japan have been here participating in a five-day glass fusing expedition organized by Junji Miwa of Jujo, a Bullseye dealer in Nagoya, Japan. This is the sixth such group trip that Miwa has led to Portland since 2005. For several members of the group, this was a return trip. Here are a few pictures snapped throughout the week.

Including workshops on glass fusing basics like firing schedules and the Six Millimeter Rule, the group got to try out more recent additions to our line up classes like The Necklace Project.

Bullseye instructor Louise Krampien leads a powder printing workshop.

The group included 10 students, plus Junji Miwa from Jujo and a teaching assistant. Bullseye instructors Bonnie Celeste and Louise Krampien lead kilnforming workshops.

In addition to workshops, the group also got a guided tour of the Bullseye factory and warehouse, plus a tour of Bullseye Gallery in Portland's Pearl district.

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