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More Stripes & Dots

Have you ever thought about working with rods in an elevated drop out mold? We did just that with a some extra pieces from this Stripes and Dots Quick Tip. Check it out.

This is a 5" square. Light Cyan & Golden Green rods capped with a sheet of 3mm clear. Ready for a full fuse.

In this process, we used 1/16″ fiber as a way to keep the rods steady in the full fuse. It is also used between the glass & slumping mold as a way to keep the rim in place during the slump firing.

Slumping! For those of you who are interested in the numbers, we fired to 1240°F H held for almost 7 hours. Using Mold 8633.

This 1/16" fiber ring is made from the center of making a ring for one of the larger molds (8631). It's a little small at the corners, but it works!

These rarely touch down to the shelf at the same time. Fire them separately to have more control or be prepared to re-slump if need be. We lucked out that these slumped similarly enough & will both sit nicely.

Ready for the next step! We'll use a combination of the belt sander, loose grit & diamond hand pads to smooth the edges.

Noticing differences in form when changing variables such as elevation, heatwork & the size of the footprint on the shelf. The blanks started off the same & we used the same mold. The walls of the shorter one are quite a bit thicker.

Video support:

Video lesson: Slumping Basics

About Bonnie

Bonnie Celeste received her BS in education from Buffalo State College in New York. Her background in glass comes from years of experience working in the Research & Education Department at Bullseye as well as in her shared studio in Portland. Most recently her work was included in the BodyWork exhibition at the Bullseye Gallery. As a Bullseye instructor/technician, Celeste enjoys helping individuals build a solid foundation in glass by teaching workshops, developing online educational videos, and assisting with open studio sessions.

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