No secret here: among our Evil Pleasures, Dan and I count single malt whiskies in the Top Ten, just slightly below kiln-glass, Scotland and our cat Annie.

So, no surprise that I was hugely excited a few months ago when a Google Alert took me to the blog of a major Scottish artist making a window for a Highland distillery, using Bullseye frits.

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I expected to be blogging about Teaching Artists again today, but a recent kerfuffle over on a popular Internet glass forum caught my attention yesterday. Since it’s about one of Bullseye’s kids – aka products – I feel like I need to get all Mommy-like and charge into the playground to defend my brat.

The thread started out peacefully enough with one of Bob Leatherbarrow’s students lamenting the discontinuation of 0313 Dense White, one of our more than a dozen varieties of white glass.  So who needs this much white in their life?


The infamous “ring around the collar” caused by the collision of lead, sulfur and heat in Bob Leatherbarrow’s “Pebble Boulder Roll-Up”.

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Twelve years ago we responded to a recurring complaint that we’d heard from front line glass users for over a decade: the scarcity of our Tested Compatible glass in the retail market. After a bunch of internal bickering and squabbling – that’s what I love about this place: all the Yes Men got fired decades ago – we made the decision to open a Resource Center and to sell direct.

Why’d they paint the place that Halloween color unless it’s a portal to Hell?
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…MAYBE SOMEBODY WILL BUY IT. Making stringer, circa 1983: nail posts onto board, put board on potter’s wheel, gather glass from furnace, turn on wheel…

In Bullseye’s second decade, the 1980s and early 1990s, the founders’ obsession with fusing continued to drain the company’s resources. There was almost no market for their dream.
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