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Copper Blue 001246

  • Sheet Glass

Copper Blue Sheet Glass

copper blue



May React With

Selenium, sulfur, and reactive glasses

Cold Characteristics

Uniform color

Working Notes

May have dark color reaction at interface with cadmium/selenium or sulfur glasses. May have a red-hued color reaction with reactive glasses.

Copper Blue may deposit a residue onto shelf releases (ThinFire, primer) when firing to a full fuse or hotter. Scrape and thoroughly buff off used primer, then apply fresh primer; or remove used Thinfire and replace with new to avoid possible contamination effects in subsequent firings. These contamination effects are essentially reactions, possible when Selenium, Sulfur and Reactive styles are fired while in contact with a copper-contaminated separator.

shelf contamination

Example of French Vanilla glass reaction resulting from contaminated separator (right side); the left side had primer thoroughly removed and new primer applied.