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About Methods & Ideas

This section is an index to all of the educational information Bullseye has published over the years. That information comes in various formats, including illustrated documents, video lessons, and short answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). To search for information on a particular topic, select a type of working method at left and a type of format at top.

Format Types

Articles: These educational documents were originally published in the Bullseye TechBook, in our newsletters, or on our website. Articles include TechNotes, TipSheets, Product Use Sheets, Make It Projects, StudioTips, and QuickTips. All are free of charge. See the complete list.

Video Lessons: Our 10-15-minute video lessons cover a wide range of kilnforming methods and ideas. Some are free and others are for subscribers to our online education program only. If you're not a member, the free videos will give you a taste of the program and help you to decide if you want to join. Learn more about Bullseye Videos.

Technical FAQ: A collection of questions we’re most often asked by beginning kilnformers and those exploring new methods and ideas. Go to the Methods and Ideas page and click on the FAQ tab.