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Fuchsia Tint 001932

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Fuchsia Tint Sheet Glass

Fuchsia Tint Sheet Glass 001932-0030-x-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Consistent color.

Working Notes

Color is essentially stable through firings, though color may develop slightly when casting thicker material. See billet tab for more information.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

Fuchsia Tint Billets

Fuchsia Tint Billets 001932-0065-F-xxxx.jpg

Working Notes

Expect the color to slightly shift and/or darken when firing to full fuse and casting temperatures. This subtle change compared to the unfired glass will be more apparent in thicker sections. Although true with other forms of this glass, it is most noticeable when making the thicker works for which billets were developed.