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Dora Schubert


At the torch.

A native of Singapore, Dora Schubert relocated to Germany with her husband in 1987, putting her life as an artist on hold while her children were young. But in 2003 she was introduced to lampworking and was immediately drawn to “how glass in its molten state can be manipulated and how designs can be made by using thinner glass stringers.” Within two weeks’ time Dora had set up her own studio. Her hobby quickly became a passion, and she found herself spending twelve hours a day at the torch. Today Dora is as passionate as ever about experimenting with glass. “When I discover something new, I work at it until I exhaust all the possibilities,” she says. She also continues to learn and participate regularly in several major lampworking events in the U.S. and the U.K. Her work, which is becoming well known, is inspired by the colors in nature, textiles, Moorish architecture, and the world of microscopic organisms.