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Rhoda Baer


Rhoda with her award-winning Chocolate Chip Platter.

As an award-winning photographer, Rhoda Baer has shot it all—from cops to cobras, from superstars to death row inmates. She’s climbed mountains, hung out of airplanes and spent nights in inner-city emergency rooms to get shots. So it’s not surprising that shortly after taking an introductory kilnforming class with her favorite teenager, Rhoda wanted to know more. She took classes and private lessons, and within months found herself moving a large kiln into her studio. “I did a lot of tests, stacking and firing things and seeing what would happen to them,” she says. “I ran experiments to tighten my results. I figured out many things that way.” One year later Rhoda won a spot in Bullseye’s exhibition for rising kilnforming artists, Emerge 2006. Getting that recognition was validating, Rhoda says, and it propelled her forward. Today she still takes award-winning photographs, but also sells her line of dishes, plates and platters in major retail outlets. Her “Chocolate Chip Platter” was recently nominated for a Niche award at the Buyers Market of American Crafts.