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Steve Immerman


The surgeon at work.

To relax from his demanding career as a general surgeon and surgical oncologist, Steve Immerman creates artwork in kilnformed glass. “I enjoy each step in the process,” he says. “Cutting the glass with a perfect score. Breaking it and hearing that perfect snap. Grinding the edges—that’s pure fun.” When he started kilnforming ten years ago, Steve didn’t think he was particularly artistic or would ever make anything of value. Nevertheless he took his pastime seriously—enrolling in classes around the U.S., studying, and experimenting on his own. Of course some of the skills he employs as a surgeon have surfaced in the studio. “I’m always asking myself if there’s a way I can hone a technique a little further, make an edge a little smoother or a design a little crisper,” he says. Steve has shown work at The Pilchuck Auction, on the cover of Glass Craftsman Magazine, and in national and international glass competitions and exhibitions. He is represented by several galleries across the U.S.

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