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How do I get rid of sharp edges on my project?

Carefully smoothing sharp edges with a diamond pad hand lap.

There are many ways to remove sharp edges from your project.  You will need to assess your project and the type of edges you're dealing with, and decide which tools and processes are best.

Tools may include anything from simple hand tools like a Sickle Stone or Diamond Hand Lap to more complex mechanical grinders and coldworking equipment.

We have produced a range of videos that demonstrate how these tools may be used, but we always recommend taking a class or workshop in your area first to familiarize yourself with the tools and processes before attempting anything at home.  Links to the video lessons may be found at the bottom of this page.

If you're having a specific problem with sharp edges on a piece you've made with Bullseye glass, you can post a question on the Bullseye Forum or consult one of our Sales Associates (Monday-Friday, 7-5 PST; 503.232.8887; toll free 888.220.3002; or send us an email).

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