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Graphic Relief in Thick Glass

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In Block Party: Carving Glass with Heat, you’ll learn to add letters, numbers and imagery to glass billets.

Formerly Block Party: Carving Glass with Heat

Leave your chisel at home. All you need to create luscious numbers (or letters or other graphic imagery) is a block of glass, ceramic fiber paper, and the right amount of heat. This class introduces you to "kilncarving," a technique that achieves a bas-relief, textured, or sculpted look in billets. (A billet is a slab of glass measuring approximately 5 x 10 x 0.75 inches; they're most often used for casting because they have very few bubbles.) You'll create a design from fiber paper and stack the billet on top. Your piece will be fired after the workshop and available for pickup a few days later. No previous experience necessary.

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Los Angeles / Staff / August 13, 2016 (CLL125-0002) / Saturday 10am-12:30pm / 12 students / $100

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