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Go Bold with Molds — On Sale All June!

Give fresh form and beautiful utility to the year’s creative projects with the help of new molds. Slumping molds, Colour de Verre casting molds—they’re all on sale, in-person only at Bullseye Resource Center Portland, not online. So drop by and save!

Slumping Molds - 50% off

Manufactured by Creative Ceramics in Europe, our slumping molds are the finest commercial slumping molds on the market. Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, these molds have an exceptionally smooth surface, accept kilnwash uniformly, and do not crack under repeated use if handled properly.

Note: These are handmade, so slight variations in size are expected—be sure to measure your mold before cutting glass to fit.

Colour de Verre Casting Molds - 10% off

Curious about creating forms that range from stars and feathers to flower blossoms and maple leaves? These casting molds provide a delightful variety of possibilities. They are produced in Portland, OR, using specially formulated ceramic bodies that are fired in carefully regulated kilns.

Note: Because these are handmade, slight variations in size are to be expected.

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3610 SE 21st Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
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*The main entrance is on the west side of the building.


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