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Take your creativity to wizardly places with Bullseye's new Alchemy Clear styles. Both styles change the appearance of silver when fired in direct contact with the glass. Available in 2 mm Thin and 3 mm double rolled.

Expect variations in effects, based on different sources and thicknesses of silver, glass production runs, and heatwork (firing times, temperatures, and multiple firings).

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Alchemy Glasses

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Alchemy Clear, Silver to Gold(1015-0030)and(1015-0050)
Alchemy Clear, Silver to Gold Rainbow Iridescent(1015-0031)and(1015-0051)
Alchemy Clear, Silver to Bronze (1016-0030)and(1016-0050)
Alchemy Clear, Silver to Bronze Rainbow Iridescent(1016-0031)and(1016-0050)