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Quick Tip: Alchemy Metallic Palette


quick tip alchemy detail

Create gold & bronze hues by capping silver foil with Bullseye’s Alchemy Clear styles. Adding Clear to the mix expands the palette to three handsome metallics.

quick tip alchemy cold

Place silver foil elements on a base of 3 mm Tekta Clear. Make the top layer with strips of both Alchemy Clears (Silver to Gold, Silver to Bronze) and any 3 mm Clear (Tekta or standard) with seams and transitions in the Clears over the silver. For contrast and drama, we framed the design with Black. Fire to a full fuse. Expect variation with Alchemy Clears.


  • Whether cutting with scissors or a paper punch, sandwich silver foil between pieces of office paper or thicker paper, like cover stock for a crisp edge.
  • To minimize potential shelf contamination, keep silver 0.75" (2 cm) away from the perimeter.

quick tip alchemy fused

Firing Considerations
We’ve had success firing this 7" x 12" (18 x 30 cm) layup with an initial heat rate of 300°F in the first segment of a full fuse. If you plan to use larger pieces of silver or experiment with base colors other than Clear, slow this rate to 100-200 degrees per hour. This will minimize the potential for thermal shock.


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Quick Tip: Alchemy Metallic Palette

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