Quick Tip: Glimmering Irids | Kilnforming

Quick Tip: Glimmering Irids

Gold and silver irid + clear powder = shimmering glass

fired samples of Bullseye clear glass powder on iridescent sheet glass

In the tiles above, powdered and exposed iridescent surfaces catch and reflect light differently, producing subtle glimmering effects.

To make the tiles, we sifted Clear powder (001101-0008) onto Black opalescent silver (000100-0037) and Black opalescent gold (000100-0038) iridized sheet glass, using bits of foliage as stencils. Select foliage that’s flat and rigid enough to support some powder, then adhere tabs made of tape so you can remove the stencil without spilling.

Elevate the sheet glass on blocks for ease of moving to the kiln later on. Position the stencil and, wearing a NIOSH approved respirator, sift on a uniform layer of powder, about 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) thick. For even distribution, hold the sifter 14-16 inches above the sheet glass and apply multiple light taps to the handle.

When finished, carefully remove the stencil and place on top of a 3 mm base sheet. Fire to a full fuse.

using a leaf as a stencil for clear powder on iridescent sheet glass

imprint of a leaf on irid sheet glass

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Quick Tip: Glimmering, Shimmering Irids

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