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Quick Tip: Gold-Bearing Pink Tints

samples of gold bearing ruby red tint glass from various production runs
Samples of Ruby Red Tint (001824-0030-F) from various production dates.

To consistently reach target color when firing our gold-bearing striking glasses, Bullseye advises a pre-rapid heat soak of 2 hours at 1225°F (663°C) on the way up to process temperature. This applies to all forms of these glasses: sheet, billet, rod, frit, etc.

However, we’ve discovered something interesting in the process of testing our 1800 series of gold-bearing tint styles. It’s possible to produce a variety of hues by firing these styles with a shorter pre-rapid heat soak hold of 30 minutes. Testing is required, since the color development varies in different production runs, and within a single production run.

Note that firing these styles with the 30-minute pre-rapid heat soak permanently affects color development. You may be able to continue developing color by firing again with a longer soak, but this will not push the glass to its target color.

1800 Series of Gold-Bearing Tints
Ruby Red Tint 001824-0030-F
Ruby Pink Tint 001831-0030-F
Burnt Scarlet Tint 001823-0030-F

Suggested Schedule for Gold-Bearing Glasses

Rate Temperature Hold
* 1225°F (663°C) 2:00
600°F (333°C) 1490°F (810°C) :10
AFAP 900°F (482°C) **

Shortened Pre-Rapid Heat Soak
Rate Temperature Hold
* 1225°F (663°C) :30
600°F (333°C) 1490°F (810°C) :10
AFAP 900°F (482°C) **

* The initial rate of heat is not a critical factor in successfully striking gold-bearing glasses. Choose an initial rate of heat appropriate to the scale and design of the project that you are firing.

** Remainder of cycle depends on the thickness of the piece. Consult the Bullseye Annealing Chart for Thick Slabs. For color-sensitive projects, we recommend testing the cycle you plan to use by fusing a small sample of a similar setup in the same kiln as the project to best predict final color results.

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Quick Tip: Gold-Bearing Pink Tints

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