Quick Tip: Inky Blue Brush Strokes | Kilnforming

Quick Tip: Inky Blue Brush Strokes

you can produce amazing dark blue effects with a few simple tools

Combining GlasTac (008234-GLUE) and Aventurine Blue powder (001140-0008) is the perfect way to make saturated, gestural brush strokes in kilnforming. Think of sumi-e and other East Asian styles of brush painting and calligraphy.

Here’s how it works: Using a brush, create your design in GlasTac on clean, dry 3 mm sheet glass, then sift Aventurine Blue powder over the wet area. Tilt the sheet vertical, give it a swift tap to remove excess powder, and you’re ready to head for the kiln. It’s that simple!

Further considerations:

  • Aventurine Blue is a color-saturated indigo, so even a small amount can have an impact. Consider the tiny sparkles found in this style a bonus!
  • Working on a sheet of paper makes it to easy to reclaim excess powder.
  • For greater versatility in line quality, choose a brush that tapers to a point.
  • Allowing the design to dry makes light editing easier but isn’t required. We’ve successfully fired both wet and dry works.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the design, wipe the powder away to a container or surface and let it dry out. Once you break up the clumps, it’s ready to be used again.
  • GlasTac is clear when applied. To better see the wet brush strokes, work with side lighting set up at a low angle.

Grab a brush and try this technique today!

a stark blue effect on glass reminiscent of calligraphy

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Quick Tip: Inky Blue Brush Strokes

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